Southern California Wildfires Assistance Information

Posted: Dec 12, 2017

Region 1 Members:

As many of us know, the wildfires in Southern California have been devastating and unimaginable loss. This past week has been unreal for those living through this event, having lost everything in a matter of moments. Images of the devastation have been flooding the airwaves and internet, but the real loss is the many families that have been left homeless with only the clothes they had on at the time they fled. There is no doubt of the resilience of those who were affected, however, they could use our help.

Our goal is to provide information and assistance and get some help for the needs of our members and communities. Below are a few of links where members and others in the community can obtain information, donate needed materials, services or monies. One item we could use (forwarded from a member who lives and works in the middle of the devastation) is home filters, as there is no supply and it is a surprising item in need of keeping the air inside the home clean and free of ash.

Region 1 has developed a one page document – 5 Steps to Stay Safe When Returning Home– to assist people in protecting themselves when returning to what remains of their residence and structures.


Please place these on your social media accounts to get the word out. Also, Chapters may want to tap their Communication’s Chairs to see if they can get press releases to local media to further spread the word. Thus far, we are not aware of any one of our members who has been lost; but we are aware they may have lost property and businesses. Any assistance is appreciated, including your prayers and thoughts for safety and recovery.


Thank you.